Welcome our BABY CHAPTER, the UIowa alpha Kappa Delta Phi Charter Chipmunks!

Posted on Apr 30, 2016

Baby Chapter

We are so happy to officially announce the 52nd chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Inc., our BABY CHAPTER, the UIowa alpha Kappa Delta Phi Charter Chipmunks! This journey has been an incredible process for us as Host Chapter. You inspiried us as an interest group and now we have had the honor to watch you all grow week to week and help guide you into our amazing sisterhood. We are so proud of the work you have done thus far and cannot wait to see what you have yet to accomplish! Momma Chapter will always be here for you every step of the way. CONGRATULATIONS to you 13, your bigs and of course your NME Janice!! Lastly, thank you to NB Expansion Team, Maggie Ho and Emily Incite for granting us this unforgettable opportunity.


New Member Educator: Janice “frodo” Lam
#1 Leslie “Seeker” Chareunsab
Big Sister: Helen Xu
#2. Jenny “Ethereal” Choung
Big Sister: Jen Chou
#3 Mindy “Rayden” Choung
Big Sister: Jennifer Guiang
#4. Vicky “kylan” Choung
Big Sister: Jennie Huang
#5. Avon S “Admiral Kono” Lee
Big Sister: Jessica Lam
#6. Jane “Od3tte” Nguyen
Big Sister: TD Tran
#7. Julie “budgee” Nguyen
Big Sister: Sarah Park
#8. Cindy “KAREtte” Ni
Big Sister: Jenny Lee
#9. Thao “Twi$ta” Phan
Big Sister: Julie Khuu
#10. Sarah “jelató” Thao
Big Sister: Anita Rong
#11. Pahoua “Nüwa” Vang
Big Sister: Maria Lee
#12. Tracy “ripple” Vo
Big Sister: Joan Bunyi
#13. Lydia “KapSAYcin” Zhu
Big Sister: Nancy Lee
CONGRATULATIONS BABY PHOENIXES! Welcome to the eternal sisterhood!