Tiffani Huynh

Posted on Feb 8, 2014

: Spring 2011: Kimmy “Knemo” Tran: Nursing with a Certificate in Global Health : Class of 2015: Kenosha, WI: Vietnamese: Secretary (Fall 2011), Historian (Fall 2011), Publicity Chair (Spring 2012, Fall 2012), Academic Chair (Spring 2012), Parliamentarian (Spring 2012, Spring 2014), Vice President Internal (Fall 2012, Spring 2014), Vice President New Member Educator (Spring 2013), Associate (Fall 2014, Spring 2015): CeO Scholar (2012-2015): I joined aKDPhi because I wanted to be involved in something unique during my college experience. I had no intention of joining a sorority or knew anything about Greek life, but when I came across aKDPhi, I was pulled in by the the pillars it represented and felt like the opportunity for me to be involved was something I couldn't let pass. What stood out to me most was the fact that aKDPhi is an Asian-interest sorority. While I was growing up, I had very little exposure to other Asians/Asian Americans so I really wanted to be a part of aKDPhi in order to make connections with women who had similar cultures and experiences to mine. : My time in aKDPhi thus far has greatly impacted who I am today. I have built and cultivated characteristics that might otherwise be dormant had I not joined. This list can go on and on but to name a few: I've gained many leadership qualities, time management skills, and the resources to help me do even better in regards to my academic and personal goals. : Some of the things in life I really enjoy are cooking, traveling, eating, singing, photography, doing nails, working out (sometimes :P), watching movies, sleeping, hanging out with my close friends/family, and anything else that entails a fun time and/or good vibes. : I will soon be starting my professional career as a Registered Nurse.