Thuy Dan Tran

Posted on Feb 8, 2014

: Spring 2012: Crystal “Tarialle” Lee: Double majoring in Biology and Community & Environmental Sociology and Certificate in Global Health: Class of 2015: Madison, WI: Vietnamese: Co-rush Chair, Asian Awareness Chair (Fall 2012); Treasurer, Co-AA Chair (Spring 2013); VIce-President Internal (Fall 2013); President (Spring 2014), Performance Chair (Fall 2014), New Member Educator (Fall 2014): Undergraduate Research Assistant- Gould Lab: McArdle Cancer Research Laboratory (2011-2013); Undergraduate Research Assistant- PROKids, UW-Hospital Pediatrics Dept. (2012-Present); Chancellor's Scholar (2011-Present), Volunteer Co-Chair (2011-2013); PEOPLE Scholar (2011-Present); Vietnamese Student Association, Member (2011-Present); AHANA Pre-Health Society, Member (2011-Present); SMDEP Alumni (2012-Present); National Collegiate Scholar (2012-Present), President - MGC 2014-2015: I joined because I wanted to be more involved in the diversity community here on campus, especially the Asian community. I wanted to branch out from my high school bubble since I am a local and I was influenced by some friends to check the rush events.: Since being a part of the sorority I have grown and improved tremendously as a leader. My leadership positions have challenged me to take on responsibility and be more organized and learn how to be more professional which will help me after college. I have also learned how to compromise, be a better team leader and overall, be a better friend and listener with all the sisters and how unique we are but then all have a common love for this sisterhood.: Adventures, dancing, traveling, reading, and romcoms