Samantha Toledo

Posted on Aug 22, 2016

: Spring 2016: Olivia Wedemeyer: Pre-Nursing/Certificate in Global Health: Fall 2017: Oak Creek, WI: Filipino: Co-Rush Chair: Filipino American Student Organization -Vice President (present), Events Co-Chair (2015-2016) | Pre-School of Pharmacy Club -Treasurer/Public Relations (2015-2016) | Badger Volunteers (2014-present): I joined aKDPhi because I was looking to have a support system throughout my time in college. I also believed that this organization was perfect for giving me the opportunity to develop close relationships with others while allowing me to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. I love what this organization stands for and the fact that it opens doors to new experiences and personal growth.: It allowed me to look at things in a different perspective. It has led me to be open-minded, to be more open with others because I am sort of a closed book for those who don't know me, and to have fun! I have already had so many great experiences and have developed such meaningful relationships with so many people and its something I'll always be grateful for.: Travelling, eating, drinking bubble tea, watching movies/netflix, sightseeing, reading books, poetry and napping