Pa Zao Lee

Posted on Feb 21, 2016

72 Pa Zao Lee
: Fall 2015: Jennie : Pre-Nursing, Human Development and Family Studies, & Certificate in Global Health: Class of 2019: Appleton, WI: Hmong: Co-Rush Chair, Asian-Awareness Committee (Spring 2016): I transferred into UW-Madison from a small university, but I came in knowing a big group of friends already. Although I felt that I didn't have a close friendship with any of them, as their friendships were stronger within their dorm experiences. Coming to Madison was also starting over again, with finding student organizations, volunteer work, and a job. I wanted a group of people that shared the same values and passion I had. aKDPhi was able to connect everything I was looking for into one organization.: I have improved on my time management and knowing how to prioritize my tasks. I have also learned to take every challenge as it comes at me and break it down little by little. : Reading, singing very off key, eating sushi, and playing flag football: I aspire to become a Pediatric Registered Nurse. I definitely want to work with families and children. I've also thought about getting my Masters of Public Health degree to possibly work abroad one day.