Olivia Wedemeyer

Posted on Feb 12, 2014

55 - Olivia Wedemeyer
: Fall 2013: Theresa : Communication Arts with a Certificate in Digital Studies: Class of 2016: Minneapolis, MN: Korean: Public Relations Chair (Spring 2014), Performance Co-Chair (Spring 2014): KASA - Committee Member (Spring 2014): After my freshman year at UW-Madison I was looking for something new to do. As an adoptee, I struggled to find my place in the Asian/Asian American Community on my own and I knew joining an student group would help me become better acquainted with this community on campus. I joined alpha Kappa Delta Phi because it provided me with the opportunity to spread Asian/Asian American Awareness along with so much more. aKDPhi is truly an umbrella organization. It's ability to provide a close group of friends who aspire to make an impact on the university's campus and beyond was what made me want to join this sorority.: Since crossing (Fall '13) I have grown so much as an individual. alpha Kappa Delta Phi has challenged me to be a more open and encouraging person. Before joining the sorority I lived my life on my own with no true group of friends. Being apart of this sisterhood has allowed me to experience true friendship along with all the challenges that may come with it. : Baking, cooking, eating, dancing, traveling, taking photos, working out: I'm hope to work in public relations in the future. Ideally I would love to work for a social media/networking company i.e. Pinterest.