My Nguyen

Posted on Jul 27, 2014

: Spring 2014: Gloria : Pre-Pharmacy : Class of 2017: Greenfield, WI: Vietnamese: Historian (Fall 2014), Secretary (Fall 2014): Chancellor Scholar (2013-present), UW-Madison pre-Pharmacy Club-member (2013-present): Being a part of such a large campus, I wanted to find an organization that would give me a sense of belonging, a family away from home. I thought that alpha Kappa Delta Phi was the right choice because it empowers women and promotes sisterhood. In addition, alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s goals of sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and service coincide with my personal principles. : This wonderful organization has inspired me to work harder. I have become more outgoing and involved. I have also gained better leadership skills. : Traveling, baking, playing tennis, sleeping.: Other than becoming a great pharmacist, I find it most enjoyable when I work with kids, especially kids with disabilities therefore I wish to create a network where people can generously donate their time and expertise to help children with disabilities.