Nancy Lee

Posted on Feb 8, 2014

45 - Nancy Lee
: Spring 2013: Isabel : Rehabilitation Psychology: Class of 2015: Mosinee, WI: Hmong: Sisterhood Chair (Fall 2013): Hmong American Student Association - Internal Chair (2011 - 2012); Hmong American Student Association - Chair (2012 - 2013); HASA Dance Crew: REPLAY - Member (2012-2013); Hmong American Student Association - Chair (2013 - 2014); Power-Knapps Scholar (2011-Present); CeO Scholar (2011-Present); Office for Equity & Diversity - Student Receptionist (2012-Present) : aKDPhi has definitely changed my life! I definitely feel a sense of belonging when I'm around my sisters. This group of women are truly my support system. I always have someone to turn to, whether it's about my academics, love life, family life, etc. All my sisters are such a great inspiration to me. They have never failed to push me, to push harder or to help me find my motivation. I've also become a better leader, thanks to aKDPhi. I've learned about many different ways of being a leader in the areas of organizational skills, communication skills, networking skills, etc. aKDPhi has had such a huge impact on my life, now, I can't even remember what kind of person I was when I wasn't part of this exceptional sisterhood.: In the future, I hope to become an Occupational Therapist.