Lucy Yang

Posted on Feb 8, 2014

#49 Lucy Yang
: Spring 2013: Thuy Dan : Biology: Class of 2016: Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Hmong-American: Rush Chair (Fall 13); Asian Awareness Chair (Fall 13): Rising Sons Deli (September 2013-December 2013); East High School, English Tutor (January 2013-December 2013); Physician Assistant Internship at UW-Madison (June 2012-August2012); Southeast Asian Dance Organization, Charter & Dance Committee (January 2013-December 2013); Center for Teaching Entrepreneurship (September 2009-January 2012); Hmong Community Youth Soccer (May 2008-May 2012): I decided to join aKDPhi because I wanted a network of sisters who would be willing to support me in academics. I've always struggled in my science and math courses, and because one of aKDPhi's pillars is academics, it just went hand in hand. Not only did I join for the purposes of academics, I also felt a need for a group of understanding, supportive and motivated women to help me develop as an individual.: After crossing, I've learned how to efficiently manage my time through the position of Rush Chair. I've learned how to plan events, communicate with businesses, professionals and my peers in a respectable manner. aKDPhi has also helped me develop communicating skills as well as writing skills.: I really love to play soccer, although my soccer skills have deteriorated over the years. I also love to cook; my favorite dishes to cook are papaya salad, curry, chicken feet, pad Thai and the list goes on! I also really love to dance, especially at the Thai bars! The vibe is amazing :): I hope to become a physician assistant because I really enjoy caring for others. I've struggled with this decision for awhile because I always doubted myself, in terms of academics. But I've come to realize that the feeling I receive when I care for others is more important than the process of becoming a PA. If that doesn't work out, I would also love to teach English in Thailand. I really love the culture and the environment.