Leanna Xiong

Posted on Feb 13, 2014

: Fall 2012: Lindsay : Anthropology and Chinese: Class of 2016: Nowthen, MN: Hmong: Sisterhood Chair and Rush Co-Chair (Spring 2013): University Housing - Gordon Dining and Events Center, Team Member; JCPenney - Fine Jewelry Product Expert: I've never really had a set of close friends, and being away from home, really missed my family. I found out about aKDPhi, fell in love with its pillars and what it stood for, and found that aKDPhi was the continual source of encouragement and support I had been looking for.: aKDPhi has given me networking capabilities, not only helping meet people with similar ideals or to form study group with, but helping me learn about and get into programs that wouldn't be available to me otherwise. It has also provided me with working experience, giving me a position, role, and responsibilities, and has given me the most amazing sisters that are always there for me when I need them.: I'm definitely a cat person ! I love hanging out, watching movies, and playing computer games, especially RPGs and League of Legends. I've also been playing the violin for more than 9 years, like to experiment with cooking and baking, and enjoy painting and crafting in my spare time.: I volunteer and work at Fairview Riverside and hope to get accepted to medical school at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and become a Dermatologist someday.