Kimmy Tran

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

24 - Kimmy Tran
: Fall 2009: Natalie “Andalasia” Mak: Art (Graphic Design): Class of 2012: Roscoe, IL: Vietnamese: I'll be honest and say I initially joined because the guy I was dating at the time was Greek, and I never understood that part of his world. After looking further into it though, I realized it was something I really wanted for myself. I grew close with each and every sister I made and they helped me through the toughest times. So even though I joined because of a guy, I no longer have him in my life, but I will ALWAYS have my sisters. : It has affected EVERY aspect of my life. I have grown into an independent woman, who is happy with her life. I developed so many skills in terms of professional leadership, social interactions, and being able to handle the tough parts of life. I learned to love myself, and everyone around me for being themselves.: Painting, Drawing, Photography, Designing, Dancing, Working out, Reading romance novels, Dinner outings with my sisters!: I am a Graphic Designer for a company in Madison, but I aspire to push my creative limitations one day and design for major design companies in bigger cities.