Kimberly Vue

Posted on Jan 19, 2015

Chao_February 21, 2016_20-2
: Fall 2014: Maikoau : Social Work with certificates in Integrated Liberal Studies and Education and Educational Services: Class of 2018: Sheboygan, WI: Hmong: Sisterhood Chair and Vice President-External: Students for Families and Children (Spring 2015-present), Gender and Women Studies Club (Fall 2015-present), PEOPLE Prep Program Tutor (Spring 2015-present): I came into college without a single thought of joining a sorority. I grew up in a household with all males so that's what I was most comfortable with. It wasn't until attending my first rush event that I truly realized how much I wanted sisterhood in my life. After attending the 1st informational, seeing the love each sister had for each other and learning more about the sorority standards, I knew that aKDPhi was something I wanted to work towards. : I crossed into aKDPhi in Fall 2014 and I've grown immensely since then. aKDPhi has allowed me to improve on my leadership skills along with my time management skills. : Netflix while showering, Playing ultimate frisbee and football, eating mangoes (or anything and everything, really), occasionally crafting, and definitely napping.: I am currently an undergraduate student at UW-Madison, but what I hope to become a school social worker in the future.