Kathleen Kivarkis

Posted on Feb 12, 2014

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: Spring 2013: Christina : Political Science, English, Legal Studies, and a Certificate in Global Cultures: Class of 2016: Chicago, IL: Assyrian & Armenian: Secretary (Spring 2015), VP-External & Parliamentarian (Fall 2014), Sisterhood Chair, Status Committee, & Fundraising Chair (Spring 2014), Social Chair (Fall 2013): The Posse Foundation Scholar, Chicago, IL (January 2011-Present); Multicultural Student Center Student Involvement & Leadership Intern, UW-Madison (September 2014-Present); GROW Committee Member, GlobeMed (2013-Present); Conversational English Tutor, GUTS (2013-Present); Campus Women’s Center Diversity Outreach Intern, UW-Madison (September 2013-December 2013); Ronald McDonald House Charities Volunteer, Madison, WI (January 2013-May 2013); WCGO 1590 AM Key Speaker, Evanston, IL (August 2008-August 2011): Before I joined aKDPhi, I was looking for a place at UW to call my home. I wanted to be accepted for who I was. One day, while preparing for an event, I met a few girls from aKDPhi. I immediately saw the honesty of their relationship. They had a sisterly bond that actually mirrored a real sisterhood, and I wanted that. I don't have a sister, but I am extremely close to my family. When I went to the Rush events, I was in awe. aKDPhi was a family. That's why I joined. They accepted all of me, and I knew they were a family that I would have forever. : aKDPhi has given me a family to reach out to. If I ever need advice, I know that my sisters can provide me with the truth. They challenge me every day by encouraging me to take on new roles. They boost my confidence because I know that they truly believe in me. My sisters are both my biggest critics and my best fans, and for that, I love them.: I love to laugh a lot, to sing or pretend to know the words to a new song, to dance to anything with a beat, to touch the tip of my nose when in deep thought, to write until my hand cramps, to watch movies until I fall asleep, and, most importantly, to spend time with my loved ones.: I hope to resolve international issues; I want to be significant on an international level.