Kabau Xiong

Posted on Aug 22, 2016

: Spring 2016: Berta Sanchez: Human Development and Family Studies; Education and Educational Services Certificate; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate: 2017: Milwaukee, WI: Hmong: Public Relations-External: In a big university, where I was part of the very small minority group, aKDPhi helped me find my place on campus. It was a safe place that gave me sisters, whom I could rely on, whether it be academics or personal struggles. Before I became part of the sisterhood, I witnessed the friendliness and acceptance that this sorority offered to every women, regardless of their background. Immediately, I knew these were the individuals that I want to surround myself with. The amount of positivity and resources that aKDPhi has was beyond my expectations. Having fun was just a side-effect that came naturally. : One unexpected outcome that I received from aKDPhi is an improvement in my professionalism. Giving and receiving constructive criticism used to be difficult for me, but slowly, I am learning how to see harsh feedback in a positive light. aKDPhi also gave me my voice. It taught me that I am entitled to my opinion; and although some may disagree with me, I can still put it up for discussion. : Cook, Bake, Eat, Create things (arts and crafts), Netflix