Hillary Chang

Posted on Feb 13, 2014

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: Spring 2012: Marina “roSeMari” Baccam: Marketing, International Business and Chinese with a Certificate in Leadership: Class of 2015: Eagle River, Wi: Taiwanese: Fundraising & Rush Co-Chair (Fall 2012), Fundraising & VP External (Spring 2013), President (Fall 2013), Philanthropy (Fall 2014): Outreach Coordinator - Greater University Tutoring Service (2013-Present), Marketing Communications Specialist - Export Abroad (Summer 2014): I joined aKDPhi in large part because of the Philanthropy; Breast Cancer Awareness. This has affected multiple members of my family and attracted me to the organization initially. What kept me was the desire to learn more about my own culture and that of others.: After crossing, I have really learned to become a leader. I have gained the skills and confidence to be a voice for Asian-American women.: I like running and baking, which ultimately contradict each other.: In the future I hope to work in East Asia as a Marketing Specialist or correspondant.