Crystal Lee

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

21 - Crystal Lee
: Fall 2009: Natalie “Andalasia” Mak: Communications & Rhetoric Graduate (Undergraduate) and Higher Education with a Minor in International Education (M.A.): Class of 2012: Manitowoc, WI: Hmong American: Alumnae President & Chapter Advisor (2012-2013), VP-New Member Educator (Fall 2011), VP-Internal (Spring 2010) : At that moment in my life I needed structure and a strong emotional support system. I saw those qualities and more in aKDPhi and knew that being a sister would enhance my life indefinitely.: aKDPhi has changed me beyond measure. It has, and continues, to push me to excel in my academic and professional life. During my active years I developed leadership skills and a work ethic that has now become a natural part of my lifestyle and integrity. Even as an alum, my experiences from aKDPhi challenges me to remain graceful and resolute. These are valuable assets that most people do not ever get a chance to acquire simultaneously.: I really enjoy singing, running, boxing, reading (mainly fiction) and writing prose and expository pieces. However, I have have always been an avid believer in trying new things, and am always discovering new hobbies, even if it's just short-term.: Currently, I am the executive administrative and student services specialist for UNITE, a non-profit Engineering distance learning program at the University of MN, Twin Cities. I am also taking courses in the Master's of Higher Education program and hope to finish by Spring 2017. Upon receiving my M.A. I hope to work for higher education administration either in student or academic affairs.