Claudia Ortiz

Posted on Jan 19, 2015

: Fall 2014: Kathleen : Real Estate and Urban Land Economics, Management and Human Resources: Class of 2018: Chicago, IL: Mexican-American : BuildOn (2010-2014) and Trek for Knowledge (2012): I am far away from home and I lacked that support system. However, I found that support system through aKDPhi, I now have a second home here in Wisconsin. In addition, I wanted to experience sisterhood, which by far has been the best reward of being part of aKDPhi. I know my sisters will have my back no matter what. : My time in aKDPhi has helped me become more confident as an individual, when you are part of a huge University your voice becomes lost, however, aKDPhi has taught me to speak up and voice my opinion. : I like to dance Latin music and read books that make me believe I am part of the story. I also like to travel and emerge myself into a new culture. : I hope to work for the city and truly make a change within communities especially minority communities.