Christina Xiong

Posted on Feb 13, 2014

: Fall 2011: Panghoua “CONFUcius” Moua : Sociology with a Certificate in Asian American Studies: Class of 2016: Milwaukee, WI: Hmong: Social Chair (Fall 12); Service Chair (Spring 13); Performance Chair (Spring 13); Fall 14 (Status Chair): Chazen Performance Program Assistant (Fall 11 - Summer 12); MGC Vice President (Fall 12 - Fall 13); Chazen Shop Associate (Fall 13 - current): I joined because I wanted and needed a support system that would encourage the development of my Asian American identity. Growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood, aKDPhi helped me become more comfortable with myself. I also wanted a great social network that would help me build bridges that would be beneficial for my future.: aKDPhi has helped me develop as a person in every aspect. It has helped me improve my leadership skills and helped mold me into a confident, Asian American woman. It has challenged me in ways that I never could have done without being in aKDPhi, by presenting me with opportunities that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. : Cooking and drawing are two main things I thoroughly enjoy doing. They are such great stress relievers and the end result that each brings is just a bonus.: After obtaining my Sociology Degree, I hope to pursue Grad school and further my education in order to one day help minimize the education gap in America. I hope to one day use my education and knowledge to become a proactive member of the minority community who will be able to make a difference by helping children who are less fortunate achieve goals that they never thought possible.