Alice Wnuk

Posted on Jul 27, 2014

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: Spring 2014: Isabel : Biology with a Certificate in Global Health: Class of 2017: Wind Lake, WI: Filipino and Polish: Rush Chair (Fall 2014), Performance Chair (Fall 2014): WMS Pre-Med Society (2013-present), Habitat for Humanity (2013-present): I joined aKDPhi because I am an only child, so I’ve never had any siblings and I really wanted to experience true sisterhood. Also, I have joined other organizations on campus but I have not really felt complete satisfaction with them, and I knew aKDPhi was an all-encompassing group that allowed me to volunteer, fundraise, and find resources all-in-one. I grew up in a culturally undiverse area and I wanted to identify more with my ethnic background. I also joined because I wanted an opportunity to become a stronger individual as a whole.: I really learned a lot about time management and event planning so far. They both take time to master, but once you do, you can really become more efficient. I also learned that I can accomplish more than I ever thought I could. I really like how, in aKDPhi, you have opportunities to become leaders, and I have already seen myself grow as a leader. I've become more outspoken and learned more ways to act in a professional manner. I can't wait to see more personal growth through aKDPhi, too. : Reading, traveling, listening to music, hanging out with friends and family, Tweeting, and eating.: My ultimate dream is to become a doctor and do some sort of Doctors Without Borders program where I can provide health care services in undeveloped countries. I am also very interested in Public Health and would want to pursue some sort of work in health policy. Additionally, I want to take some time to travel around the world and really immerse myself in a lot of cultures.