Rush FAQs

Rush – Is it for you?

Becoming part of a sisterhood can be a very important decision to make. That is why we make it a point to have all questions answered, all misconceptions addressed, and all our rushees informed. Here are some great reasons to rush for alpha Kappa Delta Phi:

  • Learn about and access a huge network of resources on campus and in the sorority
  • Enhance and improve your leadership and professional skills
  • Give back to the community through service
  • Become more aware of Asian/Pacific Islander culture
  • Become more aware of issues within our society and countries in Asia
  • Get educational assistance and guidance from older Sisters
  • Be a part of the largest network of Sisters that spans worldwide
  • Forge relationships that will last forever

What is Rush?
Rush is a period during the beginning of each semester in which you become better acquainted with the sisters and learn more about the sorority. Rush is intended for rushees to learn more about the sisterhood and whether or not it is something she is looking for. We warmly welcome anyone who is interested in discovering what aKDPhi has to offer to join us in our events and get to know us on a personal level. All rush events are free for rushees and there is no obligation to join. We also encourage our rushees to also find out about other Greek organizations to determine what is right for her.

Why Rush aKDPhi?
alpha Kappa Delta Phi is the first and only internationally recognized Asian-interest sorority. The sisters of aKDPhi are active members of the University as well as the surrounding community. Sisters can be found in honor societies, as leaders of other Asian and Pacific Islander organizations, as volunteers in service organizations, and with involvement all over campus. We are the fastest-growing Asian-interest sorority and the largest in the nation. Currently, sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi have a network of over 5,000 women with hundreds more joining every semester. Finally, alpha Kappa Delta Phi works to give its members experience with developing professional skills, leadership qualities, and cultural competence all in the context of love and friendship.

Do I Have to be Asian?

While we are an Asian-interest sorority, it is not a requirement to be of Asian descent. Each woman in our sorority comes from her own background which serves to enrich the entire community. Our sisters come from all walks of life, and we encourage women of all diversities, colors, and creeds to rush for aKDPhi.

What is a Bid?
When a sorority extends a bid to a rushee, it is an invitation to continue to learn more about the sorority, the sisters, and our traditions.