Our Place On Campus

alpha Kappa Delta Phi at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was chartered in May of 2008 as the first, and currently only, Asian-interest sorority in Wisconsin. The existence of our chapter marks progress on campus and in the state in representing the Asian/Asian-American woman voice. We hope to continue that progress with the work that we do as an organization and as accomplished individuals.

Upon our chapter’s chartering, we joined the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC), one of the four Greek councils on campus. The Multicultural Greek Council is catered specifically for those Greek-letter organizations that have a cultural emphasis and currently consists of Lambda Theta Phi, Lambda Theta Alpha, Sigma Lambda Beta, Kappa Delta Chi, Omega Delta Phi, alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Gamma Alpha Omega, Alpha Pi Omega, Chi Sigma Tau, and Chi Upsilon Sigma.

Multicultural Greek Council

UW-Madison Multicultural Greek Council

Our chapter prides itself on working closely with the Greek community, the Asian/Asian-American community, and the woman-identified community on campus and in the Madison area. We are dedicated to empowering woman-identified individuals of all heritages to resist all forms of oppression by creating spaces for dialogue, encouraging self-expression, and aiming to be a support system for undergraduates to succeed in the personal and professional goals. Though we are Asian-interest, we are not Asian-exclusive and  we celebrate the diversity of the backgrounds of all the members of our sorority.

Asian/Asian-American Awareness

Our Programs

Community Service

= 300 hours collectively of community service per semester!


  • Breast Cancer Awareness and Early Detection Workshops
  • Identity Dialogues
  • Fire Safety
  • Alcohol Safety
  • Sexual Assault and Survivor Education
  • Ally Training
  • Stress Management Workshops
  • Women Empowerment Workshops
  • Asian Awareness Open Mic Nights and Workshops


  • Working at various Campus Events
  • Organization Hosted¬†Parties
  • Working various marathons and runs in the Madison area
  • Social Media Competitions


  • Multicultural Greek Council Socials
  • Asian American Heritage Month (April)
  • Cookouts/Dessert Socials
  • Stroll Exhibitions
  • Football Games, Mixers, and Comedy Nights